Yingkou Wisker Chemical Co., Ltd was founded in 2003 £¬located in the Yingkou city  which is the most important support point of the old industrial bases in Northeast China and the Liaoning Province coastal industrial base.  It is a high tech Private enterprise specializing in the research, production, development of the magnesium salt whiskers (including  basic magnesium sulfate whisker and magnesium hydroxide whisker) and new materials.
     The company  is develop and producing the international quality basic magnesium sulfate whisker new material£¬depending on the locality richly and high quality magnesite produces resources.The product is widely applied in the PP modified plastic which is used in the automobile, with the light quality, excel in, the high rigidity, the stable size, the environmental protection, the product artistic, good feel and other characteristics.This product is regarded as the most valuable materials.At present, more than 40 domestic modified plastic companies have widely been using this product in high-level dashboard, interior trim pieces, and anti-Sassafras plastic parts in the article. In recent years,the product has been exported to South Korea, Taiwan, the United States, Japan , Southeast Asia and so on .
     Yingkou Wisker Chemical Co., Ltd. is willing to cooperate and exchange with China's auto industry and automotive plastics industry colleagues, together to contribute a force to enhance the overall level of China's automobile industry, revitaliza .