Environmental safety
      Basic magnesium sulfate whisker is used as an excellent abio-flame retardant. It’s able to counteract the acidic deleterious gas produced by burning and decomposing, such as HCl, HBr and so on. The burning material is MgO which is not harmful to the nature.
     The basic magnesium sulfate whisker, is also applied in the sewage treatment.Because of the ultra strong drainability and the microsome(including grease contamination) adsorbability, so it is applied frequently in the sewage treatment which oiliness sewage processing and the semiconductor chemistry attrition produces
     Magnesium Sulfate whisker also has environmental safety. Different with other whiskers, it can be dissolved in body fluids and would not have a serious human health effects, because of the human body acidic fluid.Therefore, if carelessly by the inspiration lungs variant form in, cannot look like the asbestos such to create to the human body the pathological change, but is can dissolve gradually the absorption.